The concept of App Stores has fundamentally changed the world of smart mobile devices. In the past, mobile device manufacturers employed a couple of hundred developer who developed a clearly pre-defined set of applications, usually some basic entertainment and productivity / office tools. With mobile app stores, hundred thousands of developers are now developing apps, creating a wealth of applications that nobody could have thought of beforehand. Naturally, many asset manufacturers and OEMs are also looking at ways to enable this kind of crowd-sourcing for their products.

What can be learned from app stores for smart mobile devices?

App store for smart mobile devices

Applying this to industrial assets and devices with AIoT

App stores for industrial assets and devices

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Dirk Slama is VP and Chief Alliance Officer at Bosch Software Innovations (SI). Bosch SI is spearheading the Internet of Things (IoT) activities of Bosch, the global manufacturing and services group. Dirk has over 20 years experience in very large-scale distributed application projects and system integration, including SOA, BPM, M2M and most recently IoT. He is representing Bosch at the Industrial Internet Consortium and is active in the Industry 4.0 community. He holds an MBA from IMD Lausanne as well as a Diploma Degree in Computer Science from TU Berlin.