This is an SdV inter::op proof point documentation for:

  • Use case: Vehicle Condition Monitoring
  • Supporting companies: EPAM
  • Online demo: HERE

The following provides a more detailed description

Related SdV standards

This SdV inter::op proof point is supporting the following standards:

  • COVESA VSS specification
  • COVESA VSS language mappings: Python

SdV inter::op use case

This is a basic vehicle condition monitoring use case, designed to showcase how a prototype using COVESA VSS and the Python language bindings can be deployed to the EPAM AosEdge runtime.

SdV interop EPAM

After deployment to EPAM AosEdge:

SdV interop EPAM deploy


SdV interop EPAM architecture

Relevant products

The following products were used in this SdV inter::op proof point:

Company Product Role in SdV tool chain Standards support
EPAM Systems GmbH AosEdge Platform Services Auto-deployment to AosEdge Core via AosEdge Cloud AosEdge platform is providing runtime environment on embedded device AosCore and AosCloud providing services orchestration.


On a scale including "Use case-specific | Easily replicable | Fully productized", this proof point has been classified as "Easily replicable".

Reason: Architecture can be re-used for other use cases easily, requires use case specific mapping of COVESA VSS to Vehicle Model