About is an industry-wide initiative enabling the automotive industry to establish a new, digital-first approach for the creation of next-generation customer experiences and data-driven mobility services. Designed as an open ecosystem with a very use-case-centric approach, is bringing together automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and partners to drive transformation of the industry. The global initiative builds on two key pillars of automotive technology development: the software-defined vehicle (SDV) and standardized vehicle APIs. aims to combine existing standards with appropriate methods and best practices to translate technology into business value. Co-initiators include Robert Bosch GmbH as well as software companies Dassault Systèmes and LeanIX. The initiative is hosted by Heilbronn-based Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institut (FSTI) as a neutral, non-profit facilitator and was launched in November 2022.

Thomas Irawan, CEO, ETAS GmbH, part of co-initiator Robert Bosch GmbH: It`s high time that we adopt a digital-first approach to the development of vehicle features. This means that vehicle architectures must be defined software- and API-first, with requirements being driven by concrete use cases. For these reasons, we are proud to help co-initiate and support the initiative.

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Über ist eine industrieweite Initiative. Mit einem Digital First-Ansatz soll der Automobilindustrie ermöglicht werden, die Customer Experience der nächsten Generation sowie datengetriebene Mobilitäts-Services zu entwickeln. Die Initiative ist als offenes Ökosystem konzipiert und nutzt einen auf konkrete Use Cases fokussierten Ansatz. Mit der Zusammenarbeit von Fahrzeugherstellern (OEMs), Zulieferern und Partnern will die Transformation der Industrie vorantreiben. Die globale Initiative stützt sich auf zwei wesentliche Säulen in der Entwicklung von Automobiltechnologie: dem Software-definierten Fahrzeug (Software-defined Vehicle/SdV) und standardisierten Fahrzeug-APIs. will bestehende Standards mit geeigneten Methoden und Best Practices verbinden, um die Technologie in Geschäftswert zu übersetzen. Zu den Initiatoren zählen die Robert Bosch GmbH und die Software-Unternehmen Dassault Systèmes und LeanIX. Als neutrale Plattform unterstützt das Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institut (FSTI) aus Heilbronn die im November 2022 gestartete Initiative. Weitere Details unter

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Key Deliverables

The following provides links to the key deliverables of the initiative:

  • SdV 101 Course: The first learning product developed by the community is an SdV 101 introductory couser, available as an open access format. It is addressing digital automotive managers, automotive product and project managers, end-to-end solution architects, as well as students.
  • Playground: The community is working on an open platform for rapid prototyping and user experience validation. The playground is web based on accessible now.
  • Experience Simulation: Customer Experience is an important use case category for the Software-defined Vehicle. SdV in combination with Experience Simulation help getting early customer feedback and building better experiences.
  • Value Stream Management (VSM): VSM can be utilized for the alignment of the digital and the physical value streams of the modern OEM. is documenting emerging VSM best practices for automotive. A best practice demo has been developed by the community.