SdV 101 Course

The beta version of the SdV 101 Course is now available for public review! This course gives you easy access to the key concepts of the Software-defined Vehicle (SdV) and related topics such as vehicle OS, vehicle Digital Twin, vehicle app stores and continuous vehicle experience improvements. Learn how the digital and physical value streams moving at two different speeds yet closely aligned via vehicle hardware abstraction can create great value for OEMs. Check it out HERE and let us know what you think!


SdV and the AI longtail

Software-defined Vehicle and Artificial Intelligence are a potential dream-team. Together, they can address what we are calling the "AI longtail": A plethora of small convenience features which improve the vehicle experience, tailored towards the needs of specific customer segments or use cases. To efficiently address this longtail, we need to provide easy access to vehicle data and a flexible deployment environment for the AI - both provided by SdV. We also need an approach to much easier AI development, to make it available to a broader range of non-technical vehicle domain experts.

As part of the initiative, Bosch and Landing AI have been working together on exploring ways to "democratize AI" for the SdV. A first result can be seen HERE. We are planning to make this a key part of, so watch this space!

SdV AI Lost Wallet

Customer Experience Simulation

Customer Experience is an important use case category for the Software-defined Vehicle. SdV is providing us the required flexibility to constantly evolve the customer experience. Combined with easy access to vehicle APIs for vehicle body and other areas, this has a lot of potential to deliver new, innovative and highly differentiating features. However, identifying and realizing the right features in this space is a challenge. Without early customer feedback, it can be difficult to make the right bets. Furthermore, many of these features require close interaction with end user to get early feedback in order to fine-tune the new vehicle experience features. SdV in combination with Experience Simulation can be of great value here. Check out the special section on this topic in the new SdV 101 Course HERE.


Value Stream Management

The ability to manage the digital and physical value streams moving at two different speeds yet closely aligned via vehicle hardware abstraction will be a key success factor for OEMs. How to manage the SdV value capture process? How to technically create and deliver value via the different SdV development pipelines? How to operate the SdV features? And how to analyze and optimize the results? The Value Stream Management module of the SdV 101 course is providing answers. Check it out HERE. A live demo of Value Stream Management for SdV using the LeanIX VSM tool can be accessed HERE.