Case Study Overview

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Part V of the Digital Playbook provides a number of case studies to illustrate many of the concepts discussed thus far in more detail and from a real-world application perspective. The first case study, from Bosch and Microsoft, looks at AIoT in a global, high-volume manufacturing network. This is a good example of a "harvesting" type of AIoT organization, as introduced in the AIoT long-tail discussion. The second case study, from TÜV SÜD, looks at Drone-based facade inspection. The third case study, from Bosch Rexroth, is looking at Predictive Maintenance for Hydraulic Components. The last case study examines how Bürkert addresses the long tail of AIoT using the BaseABC method.

Each of these case studies highlights different aspects of AIoT. Some of them are more AIoT Short Tail opportunities, while others are more Long Tail opportunities. The following diagram shows their positions relative to each other. The large hadron collider case study is not included in this book rendition of the Digital Playbook. It can be found online here. The vacuum robot example is discussed in detail in the AIoT Product / Solution Design section.

Long and Short Tail of AIoT Case Studies