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Playbook v0.9.7 ("AIoT Playbook") available now! Click HERE for free download of the complete PDF! Version 1.0 (re-named to "Digital Playbook") will soon be published digitally and in print as an open access book by Springer:

Also, check this page for our early work on the playbook 2.0.

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This open access book is a practitioner`s guide to smart, connected products and solutions based on AI, IoT, and Digital Twins. As a hands-on playbook, it combines the business and technical execution perspectives to help utilize the full potential of AIoT and Digital Twins. The playbook provides a comprehensive and actionable framework, helping to address the challenges of creating sustainable and scalable, AIoT-enabled business models, managing co-creation and sourcing, setting up the AIoT organization, and handling the legal aspects of AIoT. The technical execution perspective explains how to combine data science and AI engineering with software development for cloud and edge, as well as physical product development or retrofit integration of existing equipment. A pragmatic, agile approach is introduced, which takes common agile inhibitors in AIoT projects into consideration. A holistic AIoT DevOps approach is described, which combines key elements of DevOps for cloud, edge and AI. Enterprise readiness is ensured by looking at trust and security as well as reliability and resilience for AIoT. A large number of real-world examples and case studies help ensure practical relevance.


Focus Areas

The Digital Playbook is addressing product companies, OEMs, manufacturers and equipment operators. Many product companies and OEMs are today combining physical products with digital features and services. Manufacturers are increasingly relying on digital solutions to optimize production and logistics. Asset and equipment operators are utilizing smart, connected solutions to improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


About the Digital Playbook

The Digital Playbook provides good practices for product and project managers, helping to improve quality and customer centricity, reduce risks and costs, and shorten time-to-market.

The AIoT Playbook

Key Plays of the Digital Playbook

The Digital Playbook provides good practices and project templates for successfully building smart, connected products and solutions with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Twins. The focus is on integrating physical products or assets with intelligence in the field (Edge AI) and in the cloud (Swarm Intelligence). Digital Twin (DT) concepts can be used to help manage complexity.

The playbook is provided as a wiki with a highly visual navigation structure. Most diagrams allow you to click on areas of interest to get a more detailed description. Click on the highlighted areas in the diagram below to try it out.

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The Digital Playbook aims to support a holistic and realistic approach for creating and operating AIoT-enabled products and solutions, including:

  • AIoT 101: Provides common language and understanding of key concepts, including AI, IoT, Digital Twin and Data
  • Business Strategy: What is a suitable strategy for AIoT-enabled products and services, addressing the market perspective as well as key internal aspects such as innovation management and target organization.
  • Business Execution: From design to procurement and operations - how can an AIoT initiative be executed on the business side?
  • Technical Execution: From agile to architecture and DevOps - how can an AIoT initiative be executed on the technology side?

About the AIoT User Group

The playbook is managed by the AIoT User Group, which has driven its evolution from its roots as a generic IoT framework toward an integrated AI and IoT playbook. The group is focusing on experience sharing and best practices for AIoT, including Ignite Talks AIoT Case Studies, AIoT Boot Camps and development of the AIoT Playbook.

AIoT User Group

AIoT Foundations Course


NEW: This free online course from Udacity will help you to develop a foundational understanding of the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) ecosystem in large enterprises. Based on the AIoT Playbook, content includes AIoT and business strategy, business execution and technical execution.

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