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This course gives you easy access to the key concepts of the Software-defined Vehicle (SdV) and related topics such as vehicle OS, vehicle Digital Twin, vehicle app stores and continuous vehicle experience improvements. The course covers SdV use cases, target architecture, transformation roadmap and management of the related value streams. Learn how OEMs can benefit from SdV-enabled vehicle applications, new vehicle experiences and data-driven mobility services. Looking at the SdV through the lens of the digital transformation manager on the ground will help you get a good understanding of the opportunities and challenges related to SdV. A special focus on “digital first” exploration will help you understand how an OEM can utilize SdV in the innovation phase to ensure a good product/market fit of new digital vehicle features. No coding skills are required, but the course also provides optional deep dive lessons covering some of the key technical concepts of SdV, including enabling technologies as well as solution architectures utilizing SdV. A critical discussion of functional safety-related concerns is providing a healthy dose of reality. Finally, the look at the SdV-enabled “Build, measure, learn — repeat” cycle is rounding off the discussion.

What you can expect to learn:

  • Understand key concepts of the Software-defined Vehicle (SdV)
  • Utilize “digital first” exploration with SdV prototyping and simulation
  • Manage continuous improvement of the vehicle experience

About this course:

  • Access: free
  • Estimated work load: 4 weeks of study, 3 hours/week
  • Recommended background experience: General understanding of basic information technology and software development concepts (not on the coding level)

The SdV 101 course is currently available via the wiki. True to our own philosophy, we decided to go with a lightweight solution first to try this out and get early feedback. So consider this our "Minimal Viable Product" or the "SdV 101 MVP". It provides a solid content foundation, and we will continuously enhance it - based on your feedback. We would be very happy to hear from you on our LinkedIn page or send us an email to

Our medium term goal is to make this course available on a MOOC platform. We are also planning additional courses, with the goal to eventually build a full certification program. Register yourself here and We will keep you posted on this effort! We strictly follow a ZERO SPAM policy.

Sponsors and Partners

The SdV 101 course is supported and sponsored by our partners: Bosch, Dassault Systemes, LeanIX, ETAS, SBD Automotive, KEARNEY, mm1, Berkeley, Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institute, and AIoT Lab Heilbronn. Thank you very much for bringing in your deep SdV expertise, as well as supporting the course production!

SdV101 Partners

Table of Contents

The following provides an overview of all the course modules, including the access links and a short description.

SdV 101 Module Description
Introduction Introduces key challenges, the SdV target picture and options for the required transformation. Provides an overview of the following modules.
Value Stream Management Introduces the concept of two value streams moving at different speeds: the physical and the digital value streams for automotive. Provides a discussion of constrains (e.g. functional safety) and prerequisites (e.g. vehicle abstraction).
Enabling Technologies Looks at the required enabling technologies, including the SdV tech stack, open source, vehicle APIs, Over-the-Air Updates, vehicle App Stores, and on-board AI
„Digital First“-Exploration Introduces the concept of „Digital First“-Exploration, including SdV prototyping and simulation.
Enterprise Architecture & Organization Introduces an enterprise SdV target architecture, with a focus on managing the distributed and heterogeneous elements of modern vehicle applications and data-driven mobility solutions. Provides a discussion on the digital operations aspects.
Build, Measure, Learn – Repeat Builds on the modules before and brings all elements together to help OEMs realize a "build, measure, learn - repeat" cycle.

Editors and Contributors

This work would not have been possible without the numerous contributions, inputs and feedback from the SdV community.

A special Thank You goes to everybody in the list below!

Name Title Company Name
Achim Henkel Director Robert BOSCH Group
Alex Oyler Director SBD Automotive
Alexander Djordjevic Director Solution Management @ RideCare Robert Bosch GmbH
Andre Marquis Senior Fellow/Lecturer UC Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program
Ansgar Lindwedel Director SDV Ecosystem Development ETAS GmbH
Daniel Riexinger Senior Manager AI & Data driven Business Models Mercedes-Benz AG
Dominik Rose VP Product Management & Platform Strategy LeanIX GmbH
Frederic Merceron Transportation & Mobility Solutions Director Dassault Systèmes
Georg Hansbauer CEO Testbirds GmbH
Jacek Marczyk CEO Ontonix
Jann Kirchhoff Product Success Manager BMW
Pei Shen General Manager of Strategy for Tencent Intelligent Mobility Tencent Inc.
Sasha Milinkovic Manager mm1 Consulting GmbH
Sebastian Werner Head of Automotive Software Kearney & BinaryCore
Sven Kappel VP Software-defined Vehicle ETAS GmbH
Tom Acland CEO Dassault Systemes 3DEXCITE

And finally a warm welcome from the editors and lead lecturers of the course, Dirk Slama and Achim Nonnenmacher.