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This module introduces an enterprise SdV target architecture, with a focus on managing the distributed and heterogeneous elements of modern vehicle applications and data-driven mobility solutions. Provides a discussion on the digital operations aspects.

Mapping to SdV 101 Framework

The following figure is mapping this module to the SdV 101 Framework.

01 Value Stream Management02 Enabling Technologies03 "Digital First"-Exploration05 Build, measure, learn - repeatSdV101 Framework

SdV Target Architecture

This lesson provides an overview of an - potentially slightly idealized - SdV target architecture, which can be used to look at architecture holistically, and from a software-first perspective. VIDEOempty

Example: Weather Warning

This lesson is applying the SdV target architecture to an example: A weather warning app is discussed in detail. VIDEOempty

How to Organize the Work?

This lesson is looking at the relationship between architecture and organization, and how to best organize the work in the context of the architecture decisions which are made. VIDEOempty

How to get there?

The big question now is, how to get to the SdV target architecture: Top down or bottom up? This lesson is discussion the pros and cons. VIDEOempty

Enterprise Perspective

Finally, we must look at the end-to-end enterprise perspective, as most OEMs with multiple brands and multiple platforms are taking it. VIDEOempty