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This module on enabling technologies for the SdV provides an overview of the SdV tech stack and the role of Open Source, vehicle APIs, Over-the-Air Updates, the emerging vehicle app store, and on-board AI.

Mapping to SdV 101 Framework

The following figure is mapping this module to the SdV 101 Framework.

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SdV Tech Stack

The Tech Stack is the foundation for the SdV. This lesson attempts to explain the key concepts on a level suitable for non-experts.

Lecture Notes

The Role of Open Source

In this interview, Ansgar Lindwedel, Director SDV Ecosystem Development at ETAS GmbH explains the importance of Open Innovation and the role Open Source is playing in the SdV community. He also talks about the stage automotive industry is at, in terms of adopting, using and contributing to Open Source.

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Vehicle APIs

Vehicle APIs are playing an important role for the SdV. Without a suitable level of vehicle abstraction, we will not be able to move at different speed and realize the digital features promised by SdV.

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OTA: Over-the-Air Updates

Over-the-Air Updates are the prerequisite for continuous improvements and moving at two speeds. SdV must provide the foundation for enabling OTA-based continuous improvement and new feature delivery.

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Towards the Vehicle App Store

The app store for smart phones has unleashed a huge creative potential in the developer community. Will this also happen in the automotive world? This lesson is looking at the key concepts that would be required, as well as the challenges with vehicle app stores, especially functional safety.

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On-board AI

Artificial Intelligence is the next disruptive force in mobility. This lesson looks at AI basics, and how they can be utilized on board the vehicle. The discussion on the "AI short head vs long tail" is leading to the role SdV can play here.

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