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This module introduces the concept of „Digital First“-Exploration, including SdV prototyping and simulation. It includes a demo of the open Playground platform for rapid SdV prototyping. The in-depth discussion on Experience Simulation and Model-driven Simulation is rounded off by a look at how all these concepts are fitting together.

Mapping to SdV 101 Framework

The following figure is mapping this module to the SdV 101 Framework.

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In this interview Andre Marquis, senior fellow in Entrepreneurship and innovation at UC Berkeley-Haas discusses possible ways of finding the winning digital services in the software defined vehicles via experimentation and how to conduct these experiments in a fast and cost effective manner.

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"Digital first“ exploration

SdV and the introduction of two value streams moving at different speed - together with the required vehicle abstraction - are enabling a new, „Digital first“ approach for exploring new features. This is helpful, given that many OEMs don`t know yet exactly how the future digital features will look like, and they require an explorative, customer-centric way of finding out.

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Demo: Playground

Digital-first exploration requires agile and web-based rapid prototyping environments. The community has developed the playground, which is providing exactly this. Rapidly prototype SdV use cases in the browser, utilizing Python for your SdV business logic, as well as the complete set of COVESA VSS vehicle APIs. Try it out HERE.


Experience Simulation

Experience Simulation can be an important addition to early stage SdV-prototyping, since it helps us to better understand how the new SdV functionality will interact with the vehicle, and how the resulting customer experience will be received.

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In the following interview, Tom Ackland (CEO of Dassault Systemes 3DExcite) is discussing Experience Simulation, the benefit for customers, and how to do apply it to the Software-defined Vehicle.


Model-driven Simulation

Model-driven Simulation is taking Software-defined Vehicle to the next level. In the following interview, Frederic Merceron (Transportation & Mobility Solutions Director at Dassault Systemes) is discussing Model-driven Simulation and how it relates to the Software-defined Vehicle.

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Putting everything together

So how are "digital first"-exploration, prototyping, simulation and value stream management fitting together? This lesson is looking at the bigger picture.

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