IntroductionValue Stream ManagementEnabling Technologies„Digital First“-ExplorationEnterprise Architecture & OrganizationBuild, Measure, Learn –

This module builds on the modules before and brings all elements together to help OEMs realize a "build, measure, learn - repeat" cycle, including a discussion on crowd testing for the SdV.

Mapping to SdV 101 Framework

The following figure is mapping this module to the SdV 101 Framework.

01 Value Stream Management02 Enabling Technologies03 "Digital First"-Exploration04 Enterprise Architecture & OrganizationSdV101 Framework

SdV and the "build, measure, learn - repeat" cycle

This lesson provides an overview of how SdV and the "build, measure, learn - repeat" cycle fit together.


Crowd Testing

In this interview, Georg Hansbauer, CEO, Testbirds GmbH explains the role and methodology of Crowd Testing in Vehicle development. Coming soon, Stay tuned.