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This is currently work in progress. Here are some related industrial AIoT case studies:

Icon Case Study Description Source Status
Predictive Maintenance for Hydraulic Systems
Predictive Maintenance for Hydraulic Systems Hydraulic Systems are used in a wide variety of mission critical applications. This variety is creating a number of challenges for predictive maintenance, which have been addressed in this case study. Bosch Rexroth Published
AIoT in a High-Volume Manufacturing Network
AIoT in a High-Volume Manufacturing Network How can AIoT be utilized to address the many - but often smaller - opportunities to optimize operational performance in a High-Volume Manufacturing Network? Bosch CC and Microsoft Published
Particle accelerator
LHC particle accelerator at CERN The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a 27-km ring of superconducting magnets to control particle beams. The LHCb experiment is designed to examine what happens when certain particles traveling at the speed of light collide. Excellent case study on very large-scale Industrial IoT with advanced AI. CERN Published
Drones for Building Inspection
Drone-based Building Facade Inspection Using Drones and AI for automated building inspection is helping to significantly reduce costs and increase building safety TÜV SÜD Published